AAS State University of N.Y. Fashion Institute of Technology
MBA Marketing, Boğaziçi University Istanbul
BA Business Administration Boğaziçi University, Istanbul
Robert College, İstanbul

Illie Wacs, ‘Tailored Design’ award, New York.

She is coming from a family of silk producers. In the eighteenth century, during the last decade of the Ottoman Empire, her great grandfather, Osmanzade Akif, bought a silk factory from the descendants of German owner Karl Merz. He made frequent visits to China to bring the best quality of cocoons and was awarded by Sultan Abdulhamid II a gold medal for his contribution to the Ottoman silk production and trade.

Instead of searching for a job in marketing, she decided to be a fashion designer and went to FIT. After graduation, she designed collections for various companies before establishing her own line. The sale success of her designs is based on an understanding of the needs of her customer profile. She designed for American, European, Russian, Turkish and Arabic women. Her insistance on perfect fit and pattern is a habit she had acquired under the supervision of Mario Lupia, the owner of Giorgio St. Angelo. Her material preferences range from silk to leather and wool. The pieces are designed to form a flexible and versatile way of use. Her infatuation for art and color can be observed in her prints depicting works of illustrators, painters, Antakya mosaics and the Ottoman motifs. She offers courses and seminars in universities and engages in color consultancy for architecture companies.

GSM: (+90)533 4771507